Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here I go!

In college I was an official blogger for about a year, after which I graduated and, of course, left the blogging gig.  However, after reading Paper Crafts magazine at the Sandpoint, ID library, I was pulled into the Moxie Fab World  blog where every Tuesday there is a Trigger picture that people use as inspiration for a new card.  Well, after over a month of looking at the triggers (and even sharing them with my husband :) ) I have decided to enter the world of online card-makers and their respective blogs.  Hopefully anyone who reads this will enjoy what I may create and maybe want to create as well!  Its fun! Anyway, to start it off I'm going to post *gasp* (it was an excited-and-a-little-nervous gasp) a card I made a while back. Here I go!

Happy Crafting!

(I'm not sure what I used for this card!  I'll start keeping track!)


  1. cute card :) you'll get addicted to it, but yer right, it's a lot of fun and you'll see yer crafting evolve the more you blog, there's inspiration everywhere :) Welcome to the bloggin' world of crafting :) MFW is fab, I luv Cath :)

  2. Thanks Clouds! I'm excited to look at your blog! After looking at so many others pages I am looking forward to having my own!

  3. Welcome back to the bloggy world! I started mine in 2009, but didn't really get cranking until spring 2010. Mine is for practicing writing, something I hope to be for money one day! I'm in a group that does posts every Thursday based on a letter of the alphabet. (I think it's N this week...) Anyone can join, it's not just writers it's a goofy, delightful mix of interests, and there are several scrapbook/card blogs there. Come on over and meet some new friends! The button is in my sidebar.
    Tina (Downey, from Grace)

  4. P.S Blogger won't let me follow...I'll have to try again later. Random stuff like that happens a lot. One time I lost all 83 of my followers, and they told me my blog had been removed. I rebooted, and it was all back...

  5. P.P.S I guess the magic number of tries was nine...just FYI ;-)